RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) procedure is available when a device needs repair works due to breakdown or malfunction.
Please, get a RMA number from our Customer Support Department BEFORE shipping any equipment to us.

Once RMA number is available, the faulty equipment can be shipped removing any spare part (eg. power cable) and properly wrapped for transportation. Remember to write clearly down in print letters the RMA number outside the box. Each piece of equipment requires a different RMA number. Any equipment arrived to our office without a valid RMA number will NOT be processed until a valid RMA number is submitted.
Please, use the following shipping destination address:

  • Lanaccess Telecom S.A
  • Gran Vía 8-10, planta 4, puerta 1
  • 08902, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat
  • Barcelona (Spain)


  • Please write down RMA number outside the shipping box
  • Each shipped equipment should have its own RMA number
  • Remove all spare parts from device. Lanaccess accepts no liability for lost pieces and accessories shipped
  • Equipment should be properly wrapped and boxed for safe transportation. If the device ends up harmed by wrong wrapping, warranty could be declared not valid.
  • Please pay the carriage (international shipping back costs payment will be agreed with Lanaccess)
  • If repair quotation is requested:
    • - LANACCESS will send two (2) quotation approval requests to CUSTOMER by phone and two (2) additional by email. Should the CUSTOMER not reply to any of these approval requests eight (8) weeks after quotation date, BOTH PARTIES understand that the CUSTOMER gives up the property of equipment to LANACCESS

    • - Should the CUSTOMER not accept the repair quotation, LANACCESS will charge 40€ per unit as quotation generation fee plus shipping costs.

  • It is under CUSTOMER responsibility to keep a BACKUP copy of information, config & data stored on equipment. Repair works, firmware upgrade or hard disk formatting could erase all information on the device
  • LANACCESS ensures total confidentiality during and after the repair works
  • Shipping any equipment to LANACCESS under RMA procedures implies CUSTOMER acceptance of all prior terms & conditions
  I have read, understood and accepted the RMA terms & conditions of LANACCESS.