Lanaccess | Visualización masiva de video



ONSAFE VIDEOWALL is a software application for
control centers that offers simultaneous display of tenths of video flows on multi-screen displays as if they were a single screen. Real time video or any other information required by the security system operators can be displayed on the surface offered by the multiscreen displays.
ONSAFE VIDEOWALL offers fluent and synchronised transitions when switching the video sources displayed, avoiding flickering and asynchronous transitions that can confuse or distract the operators.


Multi-screen support.
The visualization surface can be divided in regions with indepentent management (layouts and permissions). Regions not limited to a single monitor.
Multiple preconfigured layouts, can be selected by the operators.
Multiple cells per layout. Cells not limited to a single monitor.
A layout can have different cell layers (transparency at cell level).
Aspect ratio configurable: fill the cell, reduce horizontally or vertically, keep original aspect ratio.
Texts labels, position configurable.
Takes advantage of "Pixel Shader 2.0" Microsoft technology for color conversion and video fiters.
Can be managed from ONSAFE CS+ or from third party applications (integration with SDK required).
SOAP interface to interact with other modules.
Can make use of graphic cards 3D capabilities, for example animated transitions when changing layout or video source.