Lanaccess | Cámara Centro


Plug&Play connection of IP cameras.
Automatic virtual networks (vlan) creation.
Securized private network.
Use of a single corporative IP address.
Unified power consumption management.
Cabling problems detection.
Video source impersonation control.
Multivendor support of IP cameras with protocols ONVIF and VAPIX (Axis).

IP cameras offer connectivity and video quality advantages when using megapixel cameras, but also new challenges arise in terms of configuration, security, and video streams and bandwidth management.
Any installer with experience with IP cameras knows the problems associated with their installation, also presented in Internet forums as a barrier to a massive adoption of IP cameras technology.
The installation of IP cameras is much more complex than those of analog cameras, it requires better technical knowledge and more time per camera to configure them.
The network, and specifically the Ethernet switches between the IP cameras and the videorecorder “take part” of the security system.
- It is necessary to control and configure appropriately the switches to grant security and block undesired remote accesses to the video.
- It is necessary to control the video flows and bandwidths, specially when using multicast, to avoid network problems that could affect other applications.

Lanaccess solution: PoE CCTV SWITCH

Lanaccess gives a completely innovative response to the new requirements derived from IP cameras technology, offering the first PoE Switch in the market specifically designed for video surveillance (CCTV), which is integrated inside ONSAFE HM videorecorders. It allows an optimal system operation, including true Plug&Play IP cameras connection, automatic configuration of virtual networks, network protocols and multicast, unified power consumption management, cabling problems detection and access and privacy control. In summary, the CCTV SWITCH developed by Lanaccess makes much easier the system configuration and management. The installation time and the possible lack of security are no longer a barrier to adopt IP cameras technology.

Plug&Play IP camera connection

It is so easy to connect an IP camera to the CCTV SWITCH included in an ONSAFE HM as it is to connect an analog camera to any digital videorecorder. The CCTV SWITCH is the first Ethernet switch in the market able to automatically manage the connection of IP cameras without modifying the default factory settings. It supports cameras from multiple manufacturers as Arecont, Axis, Avigilon, Dallmeier, Lilin, March Networks, Messoa, Panasonic, Samsung, Vivotek and others (ask Lanaccess for an updated list of models and manufacturers supported).
The Plug&Play connection makes use of ONVIF and VAPIX protocols, but at the same time goes much further than just the use of these protocols. Each camera model or manufacturer has its default configuration and default user particularities. The CCTV SWITCH knows these particularities and manages them appropriately to grant a true Plug&Play connection, drastically reducing the times necessary for the first connection of the camera and the maintenance.

Protected IP cameras

The IP cameras can work in a completely securized network and with strict access control.
The whole set of the videorecorder and the cameras can work with just an IP address, making network planning easier.
The IP cameras are accessible by the CCTV operators but can be completely invisible to the rest of the network, remaining protected behind the videorecorder. Any video access must be done through the ONSAFE HM videorecorder after authentication.

Network architectures

It is easy to set up powerful network architectures just choosing between 4 port types, without having advanced knowledge of virtual networks, IGMP (multicast) or Spanning Tree (redundant topologies). The system automatically configures the appropriate parameters, controlling access and restricting flows.
Apart from the ports identified as CAM, where an IP camera can be directly attached to and powered by PoE, other port types available are :
Corporate Network (LAN): connection to the corporate network.
CCTV Network (CCTV): connection to CCTV devices like operators, videowalls, CCTV servers or joysticks.
Interconnection (ONSAFE): connection between ONSAFE HM videorecorders.
Remote Stream (STREAM): generic port to receive video flows other than those of direct IP camera connection.

By means of this simple procedure, Lanaccess offers:
An autonomous, simple, independent and well communicated architecture to CCTV systems designers.
Technical features and tools to reduce installations costs, improving productivity of installers.
Real high performance, efficient and advanced solutions to meet end user requirements for a coherent CCTV system management.

Ethernet ports management

The CCTV SWITCH offers several additional features related with Ethernet ports management:
Impersonation control: IP cameras are identified and controlled, rejecting any uncontrolled change.
Unused ports blocking: uncontrolled vacant ports use is rejected.
Power consumption control: unified power consumption control, indicating also the consumption for each individual IP camera.
Cabling problems detection: detects short circuits and open circuits in Ethernet cables, easing installation and maintenance.