Lanaccess | Supervisor



ONSAFE SUPERVISOR checks in real time that all the devices connected to the security network are active and in normal operation. When the security system is composed by tenths, hundreds or even thousands of devices it becomes critical a supervision to ensure that all the cameras are being properly recorded. This supervision must be automatic, programmable, convenient and powerful.

ONSAFE SUPERVISOR contacts with all the compontents and requests informations like global state, recording errors, hard disk state or date and time.

ONSAFE SUPERVISOR offers a compact display of the state of all the devices (WEB REPORT) with a summary of all the installed base state, ordered by categories. The operator knows just with a quick look if there is any problem in system: connectivity, internal state, hard disk state, recording state, too high temperature. With a simple click he has access to the detail of the incidence.

It is also possible to configure tasks, which can be automatically or manually started. Each supervised task generates a report in HTML format, which can be generated with any desired periodicity: every x hours, daily, weekly or monthly. These tasks can display the state of the devices or camera images and also perform more complex tasks like firmware updates, date and time synchronization or check if the cameras are active and correctly focused and positioned.


Capture real time and recorded images
Date and time check and synchronization
Recordings check
Alerts sending
Get recording errors
Check available disk space
Check cameras, inputs and outputs state
Check communication state
Get list of reboots
Get configuration
Check operating temperature
Check hardware and firmware versions