Lanaccess | Grabación de video basada en PC


LANACCESS can offer an embedded network video recorder (NVR) platform as well as a PC NVR platform for centralized video storage.
The embedded platforms offer clear advantages in security devices, in terms of higher reliability and easier maintenance. Therefore, LANACCESS offers preferently the ONSAFE HM Cluster recording system, although the PC-platform recording system is also available if it is preferred in a particular project.


ONSAFE HM Cluster brings the embedded industrial technology to the high-density NVR world, taking advantage of the high reliability, low power consumption and easy maintenance of embedded technology. All this without renouncing to the high density and components redundancy offered by other PC-based NVR Solutions. ONSAFE HM Cluster supports ONVIF IP cameras and encoders (Profile S), and it can also be controlled itself by ONVIF protocol (Profile G).

High fault tolerance

ONSAFE HM Cluster has a very high fault tolerance. It can be equipped with up to 5 ONSAFE HM CPUs, which can work to provide internal redundancy. It has a redundant power supply and supports mirroring (RAID1) hard disk configurations, more suitable than RAID5 and RAID6 in critical security installations, especially if the maintenance staff is not permanently in the installation. The hot-swap substitution of a hard disk, CPU card or power supply module that is out of order can be performed even by personnel without specialised knowledge.

Automatic balanced operation and failover

ONSAFE HM Cluster can be configured in “1+1” or “N+1” balanced modes. Typically, the videorecorders in “1+1” mode are balancing the load, working at 50% of their capacity and assuming the recording of the flows assigned to their “pair” in the case that it becomes unavailable. “N+1” mode can be configured internally, between CPUs of the same equipment, or reserving an additional videorecorder, which remains inactive until it automatically replaces one of the “N” CPUs or videorecorders in the case that it becomes unavailable.


The ONSAFE SVG videorecorder is based on a Windows Server platform and is able to store tenths of IP video flows, supports different RAID configurations for the hot swappable hard disks, allows redundant configurations and is able to "play" multiple recorded video flows or serve download requests.


Based on Windows Server 2012 platform
Specially designed for centralized installation and operation
Supports many standard compression algorithms: H.264, MPEG4, MPEG2 and MJPEG
Supports different resolutions from CIF to 5MP
Supports ONVIF cameras and encoders
Typical storage capacity:

100 H264 cameras 4CIF@25fps
50 MPEG4 cameras 4CIF@25fps
35 H264 cameras 1.3Megapixel@25ips
25 H264 cameras 2Megapixel@25ips

Two hard disks in mirroring for operating system and application software
Storage capacity: up to 14 hard disks in main cabinet, expandable with additional cabinets with 16 hard disks