• CE mark

  • LANACCESS designs and manufactures according to european regulation and CE mark. CE mark comes from french and stands for "Conformité Européenne" "European Conformity", and it is a european certification for some industry products and services, relying on european directive 93/68/EEC. It was established by European Comunity and it is the product manufacturer itself who declares that the product keeps the minimum legal and technical requirements for safety, as defined by European Members in the EU.
    Further info about CE mark can be found here

  • FCC mark

  • LANACCESS has certified ONSAFE hardware technology by the US FCC standards. FCC, standing for Federal Communications Commission, is an independent government agency under direct supervision of US Congress. The FCC was founded in 1934 with the Communication Law and it is in charge of regulating interstate telecommunications and internationsl radio, television, wireless, satellite and cable networks. From 1977 it also defines Eletro-Magnetic Compatibility regulations for consumers; it is very common finding the FCC sign on product labling, operating manuals and back panels of many electronic equipment. This logo means that there is a limited exposure to eletro-magnetic fields for the people using the device, as well as limited interference with other electronic equipment.
    Further info about FCC certification here;

  • LANACCESS manufactures according to directive 2002/95/CE about Restricted of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) for electronic equipment, adopted in february 2003 by Europen Union. RoHS regulation is valid from June 1st 2006 and limits the usage of 6 hazardous substances in the manufacturing of electronic equipment. RoHS is often mentioned as the "Lead free" regulation, but it also limits employing the following substances in electronics manufacturing: lead, mercury, cadmium, chrome VI, PBB and PBDE.
    Further info about RoHS here

  • The Image Library for Intelligent Detection Systems (i-LIDS) is the government's benchmark for Video Analytics (VA) systems. It has been developed by the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) in partnership with the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure (CPNI). i-LIDS comprises a library of CCTV video footage based around 'scenarios' central to the government's requirements. The footage accurately represents real operating conditions and potential threats. Further info about i-LIDS here.


  • LANACCESS manufactures video decoders according to DGT protocols and technical requirements. Thanks to fulfilling these requirements, LANACCESS equipment is suited to be installed in spanish highways, road and tunnels.
    Further info about DGT here


  • LANACCESS employees have been certified for IP networking according to CISCO SELECT standards.
    Further info about CISCO SELECT program here